Singing River: day 2


See map below for detailed locations.

ALL DAY — Urbanvessel Art Installations
River Rising (Gerrard Street Bridge foundation)
An earthen mural created with community members features river creatures from diverse cultures: Chinese water dragons, Ojibwe serpent people and Kaliya, the ten-headed serpent from Hindu mythology. Artists Sean Frey & Sonja Rainey.

Singing River (Pottery Road & Lower Don Trail)
Montréal artist Roadsworth‘s pavement stencil installation references the intertwining pathways of the river valley, incorporating imagery of native fish species along with commissioned text by emerging playwrights from Native Earth Performing Arts — Cathy Elliot, Jessica Lee Fleming, Jeremy Proulx & Cheyenne Scott.

11:00AM – 6:00PM — Urbanvessel Audio Installations
Inner Rivers (trail underpass north of Riverdale Bridge)
Ultrasound recordings transport the listener along the body’s inner rivers. Composer Juliet Palmer, sound artist Chris Willes & Sunnybrook scientist Dr. Peter Burns.

Undercurrent (low pedestrian bridge north of Riverdale Bridge)
Transducers applied to the bridge transform it into a vibrating loudspeaker, singing the river’s Anishinaabemowin name to the most constricted and polluted section of the waterway. Original song for the Wonscotonach River composed by Marie Gaudet and performed by the First Nations School girls singing group. Artistic direction Juliet Palmer; technical realization Chris Willes; additional voices Regent Park School of Music.

7:00PM – 9:00PM  A River’s Journey
Prelude performance by TorQ percussion begins 6:30PM
A walk beside the river featuring dance and music inspired by the Wonscotonach River’s return to life. With original choreography by Julia Aplin, Nova Bhattacharya and Penny Couchie, and performances by Aanmitaagzi, The Element Choir, TorQ Percussion, Swansea School of Dance, GREX, Jani Lauzon, Maryem Tollar, Susha Rangarajan and Aki Takahashi. Design by Sonja Rainey and Sean Frey. Original songs by composer Juliet Palmer with lyricists Anna Chatterton and Nicholas Power. Wonscotonach River song by Marie Gaudet.

Meet at Todmorden Mills, 67 Pottery Rd. Wear comfortable footwear. The walk is approximately 3.7km. You are welcome to bring a gift of water — learn more here.