Vegetable Sounds

What you need:

  • 2-5 players
  • your voices
  • your imagination
  • a love of vegetables

How to Play:
One person imagines becoming a particular vegetable and makes a sound.
The other players guess which vegetable the person is.
Whoever guesses correctly becomes the next singing/sounding vegetable.

The sound could be the imaginary voice of the vegetable (earthy like a potato) or a sound that suggests its shape (little dots of sound like peas in a pod). There are no limits to how you might interpret the invitation to “become the vegetable”. Be open to whatever sound emerges: the silliness of the game gets us to a place where we can discover new sounds.

Once you have met a few vegetables, experiment with stews and soups – what about ratatouille or cabbage and potato soup? Have fun!