Holding Us Together

Create your own clay vessel and add your voice to an online sound collage.

During this time of physical distancing, what has helped you hold it all together?

In this all-ages workshop, artists Parker Dirks and Juliet Palmer invite you to share your hopes and memories, and the creatures, people and places that ground you.

How does it work?

When you pick up your kit from the Brick Works, you’ll be invited to take a self-guided walk. Your reflections will become part of a short audio collage. Once you’re at home, the kit has everything you need to sculpt and decorate your own vessel using clay slip and sgraffito technique.

  • Register online by November 23, limit of 20 participants.
  • Pick up your kit at the Brick Works Saturday Market, November 28, 9am-1pm
  • Get started with our online video tutorial
  • Drop in to an online open studio session — December 2 / 5
  • Drop off your completed vessel to the Brick Works — Saturday December 19
  • After firing in the Brick Works kiln, you’ll pick it up on January 11, 9am-1pm

This workshop is part of Urbanvessel’s Homing Project and is supported by the Toronto Arts Council’s Animating Historic Places program and the Ontario Arts Council.