riverMOUTH song & soundscape

Listen to the riverMOUTH song and soundscape tracks from your desktop. Lyrics, full credits and descriptions available on the Echoes audio app.

Alex Samaras & Gail Fraser: The Mouth

Photo of Alex Samaras by Claire Harvie

Karen Ng: Underpass
Karen Ng: Train

Photo of Nidhi Baadkar by Claire Harvie

Andrea Thompson: Winter at the Mouth of the Lake
Mingjia Chen: Obsidian Wings
Mingjia Chen & Clement Kent: Redwings & Reeds
Mingjia Chen & Wallace Stevens: The river is moving
Christine Duncan & Jean Martin: Standing Stones
Andrea Thompson: The Marsh in Autumn

Photo by Claire Harvie

Juliet Palmer & Jean Martin: Wood Play
Poet Sharada Eswar embraces the basswood tree, her eyes closed and arms extended. Branches lower themselves to the forest floor creating a sheltering room.
Sharada Eswar: Aasai Mugam Marandhu Pochae

Photo of Sharada Eswar by Juliet Palmer

Andrea Thompson: Springtime Under the Basswood Tree

Photo of Terrill Maguire by Claire Harvie

Andrew Adridge: Breath

Photo of Andrew Adridge by Claire Harvie

Andrew Adridge: Land Back
Andrea Thompson: Summer at the Oculus

Photo of Andrea Thompson by Claire Harvie

Andrea Kuzmich: Winter Song
Andrea Kuzmich: Spring Song