Inside Us

February 9, 2020 @ 8 pm
The Music Gallery
918 Bathurst Street, Toronto

Vocal maverick Christine Duncan leads The Element Choir and Continuum in the premiere of Juliet Palmer’s Choreography of Trauma, a dramatic response to the choreographed chaos of the Trauma Bay. Martijn Voorvelt’s Frederick’s Doctor, for tenor Christopher Mayell and ensemble, exposes the perils of medical hubris and error. Palmer’s multimedia Inside Us weaves together stories from the edges of life with ultrasound audio, video, chamber choir and vocal improvisation by Laura Swankey.

Inside Us was premiered February 8, 2018 at Vancouver’s Western Front by db Boyko, soloist Laura Swankey and the VOICE OVER mind. Commissioned by Western Front with funds from the Canada Council for the Arts.

Choreography of Trauma is a Continuum commission with funds from the Ontario Arts Council.

This concert is a co-production between Continuum Contemporary Music and Urbanvessel. Thanks to the Ontario Arts Council for special project funding and to Dr. Peter Burns for his generous support.

Photos: Nicola Betts (live performance); Juliet Palmer (video stills)