“riverMOUTH” (in development) cultivates a layered understanding of the mouth of the Humber Cobechenonk river — historical, ecological, cultural and personal — through a geo-located AR audio work. Overlapping circles of geo-tagged AR audio offer the listener new perspectives on (possibly) familiar terrain. Circling subtly through time and space, sound transports us from the whispering of bullrushes to the rush of a saxophone blast, from the racket of a passing streetcar to a groove drummed on a fallen log, a tumble of words making their poetic mark like the meandering paths of beetles.

riverMOUTH is inspired by water and our desire to nurture sustainable, life- giving connection to the planet.

Creative Team

Andrew Adridge, baritone & spoken word artist
Christine Duncan, vocalist & improviser
Sharada Eswar, singer, writer & storyteller
Andrea Kuzmich, vocalist & body percussionist
Juliet Palmer, composer & artistic director
Alex Samaras, singer & composer
Olivia Shortt, saxophonist & composer
Andrea Thompson, poet & spoken word artist
Christie Pearson, architect, artist & writer
Gail Fraser, avian ecologist
Clement Kent, biologist
Natasha Myers, anthropologist

We are grateful to the Canada Council for the Arts Digital NOW Fund for their support of this project.