A River’s Journey

A walk beside the river featuring dance and music inspired by the Wonscotonach River’s return to life. July 5, 2015 7-9pm. Including Burble, Dreaming of Trees, Funeral for the Don, Pouring Water, Gathering Water and performances by Aanmitaagzi, TorQ Percussion Quartet & The Element Choir.

Juliet Palmer— composer & artistic director
Julia Aplin— choreographer
Penny Couchie — choreographer, co-artistic director Aanmitaagzi
Sid Bobb — performer, co-artistic director Aanmitaagzi
Sean Frey — co-designer
Sonja Rainey — co-designer

Nova Bhattacharya
— choreographer “Funeral for the Don”
Anna Chatterton
— writer “Burble”
Cathy Elliott — storyteller/writer/performer
Jessica Lea Fleming
— writer/performer
Marie Gaudet
— singer/songwriter “Wonscotonach River Song”
Nicholas Power — poet “Dreaming of Trees”
Jeremy Proulx — writer/performer
Cheyenne Scott — writer/performer

Jason Doell — “Garbage Musician”
Christine Duncan – vocal soloist & conductor
The Element Choir — improvising choir
GREX — vocal ensemble
Blake Howard — percussion, “Water Pouring”
Jani Lauzon
— singer/actor, “Salmon Woman”
Germaine Liu — “Garbage Musician” & composer “Funeral for the Don”
TorQ Percussion– percussion quartet
Subhiksha Rangarajan — singer
Lucy Rupert — dancer
Swansea School of Dance 
— “Water Pouring Dance”
Aki Takahashi — singer
Maryem Tollar
Dancers — Penny Couchie, Cristina Lella, Animikiikwe Couchie, Megan Paulin, Julia Hune-Brown (Toronto) Crows — Sid Bobb, Cecile Hookimaw, Ouske Couchie-Bob Young Woman — Valeraya Hookimaw Puppeteers — Brad Trudeau, Skyler Hookimaw, Karis Jones-Pard Pow Wow Dancer — McKenzie Ottereyes-Eagle Singer — Darren Nakogee

Laura Cournoyea — Production Manager
Farnoosh Talebpour — Production Assistant

Thanks to our volunteers: Stephen Robins, Bronwyn Clement, Miriam Palmer, Leidys Ramírez, Taiana Coppola, Ashley Bugno, Laura Byrne, Aidan Nolan, Kai Masaoka & Alex Naylor