Slip is a site-specific performance for a swimming pool or bath house fusing sound, movement and light. Urbanvessel investigates each new performance site, reflecting the users and the history of the space, and evoking its latent drama, dream spaces and stories. Each production of Slip is unique, but builds on our previous performances. Cultures with distinct architectures and social rituals of bathing are juxtaposed to increase awareness of our own histories. As humans we are bound together by the intimate experience of cleansing and our precious connection to water.

In 2006 Slip travelled the labyrinth of Toronto’s Harrison Baths complex: from the tiled lobby, through the gargantuan men’s locker room, to the majestic pool, and finally, through the series of intimate rooms making up the women’s space.

Slip inspired a 6-minute dance film directed by Chelsea McMullan and choreographed by Yvonne Ng produced in 2008 by BRAVO Fact! >> BRAVO FILM

Goddam Dirty

Slip credits (2006): writer and actor Anna Chatterton, choreographer Yvonne Ng, composer Juliet Palmer and installation artist Christie Pearson. Performed by the creative team in collaboration with jazz singer and improviser Christine Duncan, opera singer Vilma Vitols, Japanese folk singer Aki Takahashi, drummer Jean Martin and dancers Louis Laberge-Côté and Susanne Chui.

Photo: Ashok Charles