Homing is an interdisciplinary project taking root online and at Toronto’s Evergreen Brick Works. The Brick Works’ history connects clay and home: the earth excavated from the quarry became the buildings and houses of Toronto. The remaining empty void suggests an inverse city — a space which invites us to ponder the meaning of belonging. Now filled with plants and ponds, and home to a multitude of creatures, the Brick Works shows the potential of repaired and re-imagined habitats.

Four Rooms

This past summer Juliet Palmer and Ayelet Rose Gottlieb guided participants from around Turtle Island in a series of online vocal creation workshops called Sing Around the House. Exploring four rooms of the house as sites of healing, risk, sustenance and rest, our collective vocal creations form the sonic bedrock for four new dance films by choreographer Aria Evans: Four Rooms.

Memos From Home

Last spring, during the quiet isolation of lockdown the creative team — Parker Dirks, Aria Evans, Falen Johnson, and Juliet Palmer — connected through an ongoing exchange of creative prompts. Each new work inspired the next, connecting our separate lives. 11 artists joined us last summer: Jani Lauzon and Tara Sky, Ximena Huizi, Nigel Edwards, Belinda Corpuz, Sonja Rainey, Germaine Liu, Nikki Shaffeullah, Mariah Meawasige, charles c smith and Alex Samaras.

Looking back we see that the bricks from the quarry everywhere — they enclose us inside our homes, and stretch out the city’s fingers into Lake Ontario.

Holding Us Together

Our ceramics off-shoot Holding Us Together, led by Parker Dirks, brought together families from St Jamestown and supporters of the Evergreen Brick Works Farmers Market.

Coming Up…

We look forward to sharing our work at the Brick Works later in 2021.

We are immensely grateful for the support of the Ontario Arts Council, the Toronto Arts Council and Evergreen Brick Works in the development of this project.