The Homing Project

Conceived for Toronto’s Brick Works, and upended by Covid-19, The Homing Project has found its new home in the wanderings and wonderings of artists Parker Dirks, Aria Evans, Falen Johnson, and Juliet Palmer.

Over the past two months the four artists have connected through an ongoing exchange of creative prompts. Each new work inspires the next: a voice memo from a walk in the park prompts a living room dance which gives rise to a soundscape. A sequence of photos documents a dance in an office chair which triggers a short burst of music. Round and around we go, layering and creating — connecting our separate lives during a time of quiet isolation. 

Looking back we see that the bricks from the quarry are everywhere – they enclose us inside our homes, and they stretch out the city’s fingers into Lake Ontario.

The Homing Project is an archive, a virtual home for our lived experience of this unique moment. Stay tuned for updates as we grow and expand the project during the summer and — hopefully — return to the Brick Works in the Fall!

We are immensely grateful for the support of the Ontario Arts Council, the Toronto Arts Council and Evergreen Brick Works in the development of this project.