Four Rooms

Choreography and Videography: Aria Evans
Audio Collages: Juliet Palmer

A conversation between inside and outside, inspired by our longing for home, takes root at the Brick Works quarry.

Four rooms — the bedroom, the bathroom, the kitchen, the stairs
Four questions — how do you rest? how do you heal? what sustains you? what are you afraid of?

Created in collaboration with and performed by:

Raelyn Metcalfe
Peggy Margarita Soria
Francesca Chudnoff
Peggy Margarita Soria

Audio created in collaboration with and performed by:

Steve Deutsch
Soressa Gardner
Jennifer Gasoi
Joyce Glasgow
Ayelet Rose Gottlieb
Julie Mack
Juliet Palmer
Jean Ramirez
Gretchen Schwarz
Ruth Saphir Schwarz
Pyeng Threadgill
Lana Turner
Ruiqi Wang