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In creating Sweat, we researched the social and ecological impact of fast fashion as well as how the garment industry can become more sustainable and just. We invite you to learn more and to take action.

Making a Difference

fashion rev day

Fashion Revolution — raising awareness and working for a more sustainable future
War on Want — fighting global poverty through education and action campaigns
Clean Clothes — improving conditions and empowering workers
Institute for Global Labor and Human Rights — information and action campaigns
SOURCE The Global Platform for Sustainable Fashion
The Good Trade 35 Fair-Trade Clothing Companies
Eco Fashion World — guide to sustainable and eco fashion brands
Sustainable Apparel Coalition — addressing the urgent, systemic challenges
Eco Friends
— combating textile industry pollution in India’s Ganges River

Learn More

John Oliver Yanks the Pants off Fast Fashion
Stitched Up — “the anti-capitalist book of fashion” by Tansy Hoskins
The True Cost — documentary — “who pays the price for our clothing?”
The Story of Stuff — analyzing and challenging consumer capitalism
Economics of Happiness — documentary proposing a shift from global to local economies
Cheap: The High Cost of Discount Culture — by The Atlantic‘s Ellen Ruppel Shell