riverMOUTH brings spoken word, song, music & soundscape to the lower Cobechenonk / Humber River with guided walks and live performances. riverMOUTH is inspired by water and our desire to nurture sustainable, life-giving connection to the planet. Urbanvessel’s series of guided walks and live performances mix song, spoken word, music, personal reflection and science. The riverMOUTH geo-tagged audio app launching mid-summer will allow listeners to stroll and experience the park in their own time — or even explore content from home.

Weekend Summer Events 2022: August 27-28 & Sept 10-11

Opening our ears and eyes to the valley, riverMOUTH musicians and poets sing and sound with the whispering of bulrushes, the racket of passing streetcars, the groove of a fallen log, and the never-ending flow of the river. Performers include: vocalists Alex Samaras, Andrea Kuzmich, Sharada Eswar, Andrew Adridge; saxophonist Olivia Shortt; composer Juliet Palmer; and spoken word artist Andrea Thompson.

4:00-5:30pm self-guided walk
6:00-6:45pm performance at the Oculus
Access points: Sheldon Lookout / Humber Pedestrian Bridge and Stephen Drive and Cloverhill

Creative Team

Andrew Adridge, baritone & spoken word artist
Christine Duncan, vocalist & improviser
Sharada Eswar, singer, writer & storyteller
Gail Fraser, avian ecologist
Clement Kent, biologist
Andrea Kuzmich, vocalist & body percussionist
Juliet Palmer, composer & artistic director
Christie Pearson, architect, artist & writer
Joseph Pitawanakwat, plant medicine
Alex Samaras, singer & composer
Olivia Shortt, saxophonist & composer
Andrea Thompson, poet & spoken word artist

PAST Weekend Summer Events 2022: June 11 & 12

Biologist Clement Kent and avian ecologist Gail Fraser lead a leisurely nature walk sharing insights into the flying, fluttering, swimming, swooping, creeping and crawling creatures who inhabit the river valley. Rain or shine. June 11 & 12: 9-10:30am | Meeting point: Stephen Drive and Cloverhill

Architect Christie Pearson leads us on a walk through the forested valley of the Cobechenonk river, past the industrial hum of the sewage treatment plant, to the modernist Oculus Pavilion, an elegant relic of architectural futurism. Passing under the roar of the lakeside highways and railways, we follow the river south to the iconic Humber River Pedestrian Bicycle Bridge.Rain or shine. June 11 & 12: 11am-12:30pm | Meeting point: Stephen Drive and Cloverhill

We are grateful to the Canada Council for the Arts Digital NOW Fund and the Toronto Arts Council’s Arts in the Parks program for their support of this project.